At Complete Local Specialty Care TeleVisits — Now Even Easier!

We are excited to announce that patients can now quickly and easily connect to their healow TeleVisit directly from a text message. No download or login required. 

Televisits are a safe and secure way to connect with your medical provider remotely, via video and audio connection, either on your smartphone or computer. 

To use Televisits, you must have an internet connection and be registered for CLSC’s Patient Portal (Click Here to register).

You must use a device with a webcam and microphone. 

Once an appointment is created for the healow TeleVisit, you will receive an e-mail with appointment confirmation. Prior to your appointment, you will receive email and text reminders.

Patients can connect in 3 easy steps from their phone
1. Patient opens the email or text and clicks on the link provided.
2. Patient fills out and submits the questionnaire and vitals.
3. Start the TeleVisit!

Getting Started

To start sending text messages, go to the Patient Portal Admin Dashboard:

1. Click TeleVisit SMS Reminder Settings.

2. Check the box to Enable SMS notification for TeleVisit reminders.

3. Press the “Save” button.

We have created a quick guide to get your started with TeleVisits. Click the “Download Guide” button to below.